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Personal Injury Law

Our personal injury lawyers can assist you with the legal advice and representation through all stages of Personal Injury matters – from assessing the amount of personal injury compensation you are entitled to, to guiding you to reach a settlement.

Personal injury claims can cover the following situations:

  • Motor vehicle accident compensation (including cars, motorbikes, boats, trains etc.)

  • Public liability (e.g. injury suffered at a public event)

  • Product liability (e.g. injury from defective products)

  • Occupiers Liability (e.g. injury sustained from a defective property)

  • Medical negligence (e.g. injury sustained due to treatment provided by a medical professional)

  • Professional Negligence (e.g. injury suffered from poor craftsmanship)

  • Victims’ compensation (for disadvantaged family members of the victim)

    Contact us to find out more or to arrange a consultation with one of our experienced personal injury lawyer.

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